Emma's Favorite Things- January 11th

I began 2017 wanting to get organized and set goals for myself. The holidays were crazy and I felt very disorganized. I wanted to start the new year with a clear vision of what I wanted to accomplish. When I began to plan out the year, I became very frustrated because I felt like I didn’t have the right tools to do this. I have a notebook for some things, a different notebook for other things, a binder for my goals and a planner for my appointments. I didn’t know where to write down what my ideas and my plan, and I felt like couldn’t begin to plan my year if I didn’t have a clear space to write everything. My Favorite things this week are based on some of my favorite planning essentials for 2017. 

May Designs Monthly Downloads: These downloads  for you phone or computer are so cute! I am obsessed with the pink, blue and gold geode pattern!

Arc System: Rather than spending hours searching for the perfect planner (that I would never find,) I decided to create my own. I invested in the arc system sold at staples. This is a great binding system that allows you to make your own notebook without the bulk of a binder. I LOVE how I can customize my planner and make it exactly how I want it! 

Sugar Paper Washi Tape: Inside my new planner, I use my gold sugar paper washi tape to tape in important things or mark important dates on my calendar.

I designed my own interior pages so that they met my exact needs. All of these pages are available for you to use as a free download below, just click the title! Enjoy!


Weekly Layout

Monthly Layout

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