Emma's Favorite Things- Valentine's Edition


Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday. I love the flowers, chocolate, and all of the pink things! Giving (and getting) sweet gifts is always fun. I have put together a list of my favorite Valentine’s gifts. Treat yourself or your girlfriends to something special, or drop him some major hints!

1. Stella and Dot Engravable Necklace- I have one of these necklaces with my wedding date on it and I love it! It is such a special day and I love wearing something to represent that happy day. My sister in law gave me this necklace. She is a stylist for Stella and Dot, and she is always so helpful in designing a custom piece of jewelry!

2. Marcie Blaine Artisnal Chocolate- I went to college in Philadelphia, and that city has a very special place in my heart. My husband and I went on a chocolate tour one weekend about 4 years ago and we walked into a boutique. It seemed like a strange place to go on a chocolate tour, but in the back of the boutique was a small artisanal chocolate factory. Not only is the chocolate delicious, but it is also adorable. I love the chocolates with the iconic Philly images- the LOVE and the pretzel are my favorite!

3.Lily and Val Card- Valerie is the artist behind these adorable cards that she hand letters. She is so talented!  Valentine’s day doesn’t just have to be about you and your man- don’t forget your girlfriends!

4. Farmgirl Flowers- These adorable floral arrangements arrive wrapped in recycled burlap, do I need to say more? Although I love supporting local florists, Farmgirl makes it so easy to ship flowers to friends all over the country! You really can’t get much cuter than these beauties!

5. Baked By Melissa- What would you want more than a package of bit sized cupcakes delivered to your front door? These cupcakes are both super cute and delicious! I love how they are bite sized, making it guilt free to have a few!

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