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Inspire Collection

Hi! My name is Jaclyn and I am the creator of Brimmer Boys.  I live in Connecticut with my husband and our three young sons (ages 4, 3 and 1).  I was a second grade teacher before staying home with my sons and although I will always miss teaching, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be with my boys each day.  I was immersed in the life of a stay-at-home-mom but my creative mind was running.  I kept searching for a way to incorporate my love of sewing and creating with this drive to become an entrepreneur.  As a new mom I was always searching for fashionable looks for my sons that looked great and were comfortable for them to wear.  My company, Brimmer Boys, was born out of this necessity.  I began making the shirts and the concept took off.  Our shirts have a faux cuff and collar to give the appearance of a button down under a sweater.  And by the way, Brimmer Boys was named for the street my husband and I lived on when we were married.  A special place in our hearts.

Who/what inspires me?

My grandmother is an accomplished quilter and my original interest in sewing, creating and fabrics came from her.  I have always had a strong sense of wanting to create something and those thoughts started from her.

My husband and sons inspire me and motivate me to keep striving for more and working hard each day.

I have become an avid podcast listener (at the advice of Emma!) and I am very inspired by other entrepreneurs and their stories.  Stories of determination, conviction, faith and luck are so powerful and inspirational.  

What's in my purse?

When I am out and about I am most often with my children, therefore my extra large tote probably has more of their belongings than my own!  Right now it has: wallet, keys, several chapsticks and lip glosses, tic tacks, hand sanitizer, and cough drops.  Then for the children: diaper, change of clothes, snacks, bibs, epi pens (we've got allergies!).  Its a bit of a mess!

Go to drink:

This depends what time of day you find me!  I live on my morning coffee and my older boys know how to brew it for me.  Come the evening I love Pinot Noir or Pinot Grigio!

Favorite way to unwind or relax:

Spending quiet time with my husband catching up on our shows.

We all face different challenges in life and business. What is one obstacle or challenge you had overcome, big or little?

One of my biggest challenges is time management.  I am home with three young boys each day while maintaining a small business online.  I work when they are at preschool, napping or sleeping at night and it can be a difficult balance.  Sometimes this means having my oldest draw pictures in my office while I package up orders.  It all somehow gets done.

What is one tip you have on staying positive when things aren't perfect?

It can be easy to get bogged down when you feel like things aren't going right.  I try to remind myself often of how grateful I am for my supportive family and successful business.  I find my mindset is much more positive when I spend time to exercise and eat properly. When my mindset is positive I feel more prepared to work through more difficult tasks.

What do you think is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

My birthday shirts are my best selling item and most often these are used for the child's first birthday.  I absolutely love to see how important family celebrations are for a young child.  I am thankful to be involved in these milestone moments.  I am also very grateful for my business as it has allowed me to support financial aspects for my family while working at home and embracing my creativity.  



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