Valentines's Day Flower Cones

One of my favorite things to treat myself and my friends with throughout the year is a beautiful bunch of flowers. Since it is Valentine’s day, it is the perfect time to give your girl friends a sweet little bouquet! No need to spend a ton of money online on a huge bouquet, especially when everything is priced high for Valentine’s day! I have designed these paper flower cones that look adorable holding some bright colored flowers. Follow these simple steps and let your friends know how much you love them!

-Buy a bunch of flowers from the market. One of my favorite places to get flowers is Trader Joes. I bought one bouquet of multi-colored tulips and a bunch of white flowers to accent the color.

-Print out the paper flower cones on card stock paper. I have created the design in blush and hot pink, so choose which one you like best of mix it up!

-Break apart the bouquet and trim the stems so they fit into the cones

-Place flowers inside the cone! I put a small paper towel at the bottom of the cones to help keep the flowers in place.

Aren’t these the cutest little treats for your friends!? And, best of all, it costs less than $10 for the bunch of flowers!

Click here to download the blush, or here to download the hot pink cone. 

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