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DIY Gift Herb Garden Mothers day

Mother's Day is a few days away, and I am still in need of some gifts. I am the kind of person who always thinks of so many great ideas, and then forgets to order them in time. Thankfully we all have Amazon Prime in our lives, but sometimes I want to do something a little different and more personal. Today I am sharing one simple and last minute Mother's Day gift idea that is thoughtful, personalized and purposeful. 

Since Spring is finally here in Connecticut, I am dreaming of spending the summer outside on the deck and by the pool. I think giving a gift that is themed around the introduction of summer is the perfect way to help your Mom (or Mother in Law) the warmer weather that is finally here! I will preface this post by saying that I am not an expert when it comes to gardening, but I have managed to keep my herb gardens alive for the past few years, so I think it is a pretty user friendly gift. 
DIY Mother's Day gift idea- herb garden
All of the herbs I bought are from either Lowes or the local grocery store. They were between $3 and $5 each. There are two ways you can go about putting together this herb garden.
1- For the Chef
Put together some of her favorite herbs that she loves to cook with in a pot or galvanized bin. Some of these herbs may be basil, thyme, cilantro, parsley, or sage just to name a few. You could also include a tomato plant and some peppers to make a salsa garden! Add a wooden spoon and a cute patterned tea towel for her kitchen as well!    
2- For the Cocktail Enthusiast
During the spring and summer months, I love a good cocktail with fresh herbs in it. We love pulling out the muddler and using it to make cocktails with herbs from the garden. For the gal who loves a good cocktail, you could fill an herb garden with herbs that are perfect for cocktails. This could include mint, lavender, thyme, lemon thyme, or basil to name a few. Pair this herb garden with a bottle of vodka or gin, and you have the perfect homemade gift for  a cocktail lover! 
DIY Herb Garden Labels- Mother's Day Gift Idea
I made these herb markers using drink stirrers that I had left over from our wedding (I ordered 5,000 of them for our wedding 4 years ago and I have so many left over!) You can make your own markers with popsicle sticks, or you can order some on Amazon or Etsy! 
DIY Herb Garden Gift Idea
Create a gift for your mom that she will use all summer long. 
DIY Herb Garden
Thanks for reading! I would love to see pictures if you made your own herb garden for a gift or for yourself!

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