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Fashion design is a very creative and exciting field. Many people enjoy working with fabrics and the creative process of creating fashion is very rewarding. If you have an eye for color and design, you can be your own boss. However, there are a few requirements to becoming a successful fashion designer. First of all, you must have an inclination for this field and be passionate about it. You should have a passion for the industry and a desire to work with different materials and styles.

The most basic element in fashion design is the line. The line is the outer edge of a design, while style lines divide space within the outline. A typical fashion designer would trace around a piece of clothing to make a rough prototype. Next, the designer will start to create the first draft of the design on a mannequin-like dress stand to see how the material drapes. Then, the designer will start working on the second and third drafts.

The final stage of fashion design is the creation of a working pattern. After creating sketches and storyboards, fashion designers will sew the materials together to create rough prototypes. The toiles will be placed on mannequin-like dress stands to see how the fabric and colors will drape on the human form. Once the final prototype is created, the designer can work with a technical designer on how to make the garments.

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