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Designers of high fashion usually focus on creating clothing that is expensive yet wearable. Their customers typically wear stylish and expensive designs. The materials used in these clothes can be very costly. A high fashion designer may create evening gowns, wedding dresses, and tuxedos. Their goal is to create designs that are elegant, yet affordable. It is crucial for a fashion designer to know his audience. The following are the different types of designers and their different specialties.

Students at FIT receive a lot of guidance from faculty and staff. They learn how to collaborate with each other and how to effectively use resources to accelerate their development. The faculty is also involved in the creation of the finished product. This allows students to be part of the creation process, which is very rewarding. Eighty-six percent of the graduating class find jobs as Assistant Fashion Designers within three months of graduation. The resources available to them make the transition into the industry easy and seamless.

As a graduate of a fashion design program, students are ready to enter the field as professional fashion designers. Besides creating garments, fashion designers also create works in other media. Many of these designers are placed in certain Art movements. The focus on collaboration and creativity within the program is key in helping students become successful in the fashion industry. A high percentage of graduates find jobs as Assistant Fashion Designers within three months of graduation. It is clear that the fashion industry is in need of talented people with a passion for fashion and a desire to create something.

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