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The caster angle is the angular displacement of the steering axis relative to the vertical axis of the steered wheel. It is determined by measuring the angle of the steering axis from one side of the vehicle. It is a common way to determine vehicle stability. This angle is important because it allows for better control over the vehicle, especially in emergency situations.

How do you stop casters from moving?

There are several types of casters available. There are rigid casters, which are fixed to the wheel, and swivel casters, which can change direction in a 360-degree arc. The rigid casters are usually stronger and are often used for heavy-duty projects. However, swivel casters are more flexible and can be used for a variety of applications.

Casters should be checked regularly to ensure that they are still in good condition. Regularly inspecting the wheels for damage is an effective way to detect problems before they become larger and more costly. Proper caster maintenance will keep the wheels working well for a long time, avoiding costly replacement. You should also check the caster’s lubrication, as this will extend its useful life. The casters should be checked and lubricated at least once a month. Go here : castercity.com

While many vehicles do not allow caster adjustment, most drivers can manually adjust the angle of the steering axis by adjusting the pivot point. This can be achieved through shims, slots, strut rods, or eccentric cams. However, it is essential that the caster settings are equal on both sides. The right side should have more caster than the left side, but the difference should be less than a half degree. The caster angle is very important in improving vehicle stability and safety.

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